Brian Nau

Brian Nau was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and currently resides on Milwaukee's North Shore with wife Erin, son Mathew, dog Sheldon and cat Maebe. His art studio is located in the lowest level of the Historic Arts Mill building overlooking the Milwaukee River in Grafton, WI. Brian's art reads surreal, it's a colorful commentary on current events through the perspective of Brian Nau. He enjoys getting inspiration from nature and travel along with the interactions he has with others, tapping into the interconnectivity we all share. Brian loves to participate in art events around the city and travel to art events in other areas. Brian primarily paints in acrylic and watercolor, draws with color pencil and ink, however he enjoys diversifying the media he uses always looking for new ways to express his art.

Brian in Zion National Park, Utah


BeingNau is a reminder to live in the now, as a play on words. BeingNau Art by Brian Nau is created in real time, there is no editing, erasing or going over lines - what flows out is what you see. An expression of an artist's emotions in that moment.